Eliza-Summer 2022

Europe (Greater Europe Mission)

Eliza will serve this summer on the Ten2Project, a summer missions outreach of Greater Europe Mission. She will join 100 other university students and young adults serving in 17 cities across the continent of Europe alongside GEM missionaries. Eliza calls our church family’s Ave South campus home.

This quote from Eliza says it all. “I know this is what the Lord is calling me to do (right after college) and its so amazing to see this prayer for doing missions finally answered. My ninth grade self would be shocked at this prayer coming true eight years later, but I am so excited to see how the Lord continues to be faithful throughout this process and this summer!”

You can pray for Eliza in these ways:

Provision and protection, logistics

Strength, health, and endurance

Openness to the Lord and dependence on Him

Wisdom and clear understanding of the Lord’s leading

Overcoming of language and cultural barriers

Opportunities for gospel conversations


Facts about the gospel and europe

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