Carla and Keegan

Southeast Asia (Youth With A Mission)

Keegan and Carla are in Southeast Asia with their lovable daughter Cora (born in 2017). Sharing the gospel is focused on four main areas: media, training, contextualization, and counseling. 


They serve with Create Labs to support the creation of evangelistic resources for unreached people groups, train others, and provide technical support to facilitate new endeavors. Keegan leads a team of locals who are localizing The Bible Project videos into Thai. Carla is a clinical counselor at The Well International to serve missionaries. 


Prayer Needs

Continued (and deepening intimacy) with Jesus as they serve in Southeast Asia.


Pray for God’s wisdom in parenting, leading Create Labs & The Bible Project, and counseling at The Well.

6 indigenous peoples, each with their own language, heritage, and identity. Although the majority identify with a major world religion, animism–worship of spirits–is at the core of what most people truly believe. Less than 5% know Christ as their Lord and Savior.

brutal facts about the gospel and southeast asians

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