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Global workers with the International Leadership Coalition (ILC). We aim to provide counseling and leadership training to the international community in South Nashville and surrounding areas for the sake of sharing the Gospel, give tools for emotional and spiritual healing, and empower young believers to spread the kingdom of God. We believe that through relationships and practical resources we are able to build bridges that allow us to boldly proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ.

We serve in the Middle East to carry on our work with refugees settling in host countries. By providing counseling, trauma healing, and building relationships we will enter conversations leading to the good news and hope found in Christ’s message, life, and example.

Please pray for:

Openness to counseling or trauma healing;

Young international leaders/believers to mature in their faith and devotion to the Lord;

International leaders to advocate for their people with love and sincerity;

Protection over the international community who live in poor neighborhoods;

Revival in Nashville, Tennessee, United States and beyond.

There is a flame burning within the hearts of young people from around the globe who are dedicated to see that the Light of Jesus shines throughout and beyond this generation and into eternity. May we pray and work together to see that through grace, faith, discipline, and intimacy with the Lord the world would know and accept the hope of Jesus Christ.

Brutal facts about the gospel and the Middle East

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