Worship Times

Each week, you’ll experience Bible-based teaching, moving worship, and a relaxed atmosphere. Please plan to arrive 20 minutes early to park and check in for childcare.


LIFE Groups for Adults & Children - 9:45 AM
Worship - 11:00 AM

Location & Directions

1601 Holly Street
Nashville, TN 37206


  • About The Church at Lockeland Springs

    The Church at Lockeland Springs is a Church in transition in a neighborhood in transition. We have been moving forward through exciting revitalization of the building, worship, and mission of this historic church to become a vital part of our community again and it is an exciting thing to be a part of.

    This transition began when the Lockeland Baptist and Brentwood Baptist congregations voted to come together in the spring of 2016. The Lockeland Springs team and members have been planning and dreaming about how best to reach this community. Come join us!

  • What We Believe

    Jesus is the way, truth, and life. Everything we are and everything we have comes from Him and works together for His purposes. So we worship Him.

    The Bible is God’s true and perfect Word—without error or blemish. It’s our roadmap for navigating this journey through life. For that reason, we actively strive to become more like Christ through the study of His Word.

    Jesus came into the world—not to condemn or judge people—but to save them. Because of that, our belief is that we’re most like Him when we love and serve others then point them back to Him.

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  • Our Multi-Campus Model

    A few years ago, Brentwood Baptist Church leadership recognized the value of regional campuses in multiple communities throughout the greater Nashville area. In 2010, the church established its first regional campus—The Church at Station Hill. In 2014, three additional campuses—The Church at Avenue South, The Church at West Franklin, and The Church at Woodbine—joined the Brentwood Baptist family.

    The mission of the church is the same at every campus location—to connect people to Jesus Christ through worship, discipleship, and service. Every campus shares this same DNA through a common mission, vision, and message. However, each campus has the flexibility to contextualize ministry to its unique community under the leadership of its own campus pastor.

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  • Governance

    The Church at Lockeland Springs’ governance structure falls under that of Brentwood Baptist Church. It is based on the biblical principle that the local church is an autonomous, self-governing body of baptized believers and is accountable to God for its decisions and actions.

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    Employment Opportunities

    Interested in working for the Church at Lockeland Springs or Brentwood Baptist Church? We are frequently hiring for both ministerial and administrative positions and would love to have you apply.

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