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Stephen and Tricia have worked overseas for 22 years in West Africa, South Asia and Europe. They currently live in Atlanta Georgia. Stephen serves as the Vice President of Global Strategy for SRV, and Tricia as Director for Strategic Initiatives. They have three children: Elisabeth (23), Luc (20) and Josiah (12). SRV’s mission is to reach the underserved by partnering with local partners to assess needs and develop a comprehensive church planting paradigm for their people group and beyond. Stephen and Tricia have a background in Bible translation and Bible storying, conducting trainings for missionary teams and their national partners who need to provide access to Scripture for their people groups. These storying projects (some of which BBC has partnered with) develop local story crafters who continue to develop Bible stories and Scripture products that can be easily passed on and use for evangelism, discipleship, leadership development, and church planting.

Tricia also leads the Multiplying Hope initiative, a trauma healing program based on creating on-going healing communities founded on God’s Word. Multiplying Hope healing groups are currently being conducted in every region of the world. Multiplying Hope has experienced rapid growth in 2020 as COVID-19 has rocked the world.

Please pray for

  • More storying projects in unengaged people groups, led by local partners who can sustain the work long-term.
    • Please pray for John and Abeba, a local North African couple who lead their country’s storying projects. 57 churches were planted in their country in 2019 as a result of storying projects they led.
  • Multiplying Hope healing group facilitators around the world as they address the realities of COVID-19 and its aftermath. Pray that Multiplying Hope leadership will respond to needs well, support facilitators well, and develop best practices in working online when needed.
  • Stephen and Tricia have recently moved to the US to serve in their new roles. Please pray for their transition and for new opportunities and doors to be opened to new projects and people groups.
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