Riley-Summer 2022

Canada (North American Mission Board)

Riley will be serving with a church planting team in Edmonton, in Canada.

Capital of Canada’s Alberta Province, Edmonton lies along the curving North Saskatchewan River. The population has grown by 160,000 in the past 10 years. The swell in numbers has been attributed to an increase in student attendance at the area’s dozens of universities and post-secondary institutions as well as an influx of workers from China, India, the Philippines and other parts of Canada who have found employment in city’s thriving the oil business.

Though the number of people in general is growing, the percentage of those who follow Jesus is not, and it is this statistic that makes Edmonton an ideal ministry target. At present, only about 5.9 percent of people are Christians, and there is only one Canadian National Baptist Convention (CNBC) church per 60,645 people in the Edmonton metropolitan area.

Riley attends college outside Nashville, but he grew up deeply involved in the Brentwood Campus, and interned last summer in the student ministry here.

Ways you can pray for Riley:

Unity in the team he serves with

Wisdom and clear direction from the Lord

For opportunities to share the gospel

Opportunities to connect new believers and community members to the local church body

For provision and all logistics

For local church leaders and believers to be strengthened and encouraged.

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