Dwight and Dale

Deaf Global (DeafWay Bible project)

Dwight serves as the Multi-Media Director for DeafWay. While he wears many hats in his position, his primary duties include designing the icons/graphics for the app, managing the app in general, and providing support to the media team. DeafWay is an online Scripture resource for the deaf around the world, unique in that it is based on sign roots. This streamlines the process of translation between sign languages.


Prayer Requests:

For Dwight and myself: We would ask for prayer as we desire to start a house church with Deaf people in our area and are seeking out ways to do that. Pray also that our relationship will glorify God and that we will look to him for decisions that need to be made.


For our children:

Continued wisdom in their homeschooling and college education as covid has made things quite difficult for them. We also ask for prayer that their relationships will continue and that they will trust the Lord’s sovereignty in their lives at this time.


We would also ask for prayer for DeafWay in these four areas.

  1. Development of the new app called SignSource – which will provide a commentary, concordance for the Deaf, and also aids in the translation process.


  1. A cohesiveness within the DeafWay team and a fluidity to the work before them.


  1. International translation projects in more countries so the app can reach more Deaf people. Covid is affecting the efforts in many countries. Pray for wisdom as we press forward to reach the lost, globally.


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